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Reference letter from Art critic , Dipl.Mag.of Art History Mirko Jutersek


Anja Antolovic arises, as it only makes sense in artistic scheme, from her natural talent and with artistic sensitivity connected to that. Previous colorful fresh paintings of landscape warn abouth autors ''sense for colors and her great representative power'' and great sense for composition. Here it shows that her path as an artists is open and despite competition, very, very perspective.There are many requirements for landscape motiv, which is one of the most popular artistic field in Slovenia, and interest for portraits is still alive, therefore attractive for artists. She is not afraid to use knowledge from conservation techniques and tehniques of makeing colors with new produced staff for painting in her artistic world. We can feal the energy from her canvas paintings, expresion of her fealings and thoughts. Her work is coming out of her iner voice  of life experiance.

Lately, in a period of independent Slovenia, the iconic art gain importance because of the immigrants from Ortodox countries. The most delicate field, although very tempting, is still a field of restoration. It is hard to add new, good and useful things to this field. Excepte the knowledge, she founed the conection with spiritual touch that we can feal from her icons that she gain during liveing and studying in Belgrade during the defficulty times of the country.

Present view into artistic creations of young Anja Antolovic it is by all means interesting, regarding to all she had shown and regarding to her talent, and it is also delightful and very promising. We can imagine her future path in continuing her artistic creation, gaining more and more experiences.




Reference letter from the Priest Mr.Zadnik Brane and dipl.arhitect Mr.Igor Skulj


In the years from 1994 to 2007 we were building the Church Sv. Resnjega telesa in krvi. We decided to invite artist Anja Antolovic to work on interior equipment of the Church. She has made three icons for the main altar in  our Church :

  1. Icon of Jesus The Winner,
  2. Mary with Jesus and
  3. Jesus is put into the grave.

Anja has shown with her work that she is sensual and effective; she was distinct by conscientious attitude towards her work.

Knowing a tehnique of Byzantine Icon writing from adding basis on wood, presentation of composition, knowledge of gilded tehnique, preparation of color ( egg tempera made from natural pigment ) and enamel are reflection of her independent and profesional work.

Talent and spiritual dedication are qualities which distinct her.

She done a lot of gilding titles in our Church as well.

We were impressed by her work.




Reference letter by Dipl. Mag. Akdm. Restorer Mr.Momo Vukovic


Miss. Anja Antolovic has realized many preservation , restoration interventions of sacral and secular art in constitutions under my professional mentoring. While working, she conscientiously followed instructions and opinion of preservation restoring doctrine, from documenting to final realization of intervention.

Precision, conscientious, patience and distinctive talent for art, which is a value needed for retouch, moldings can be seen in her work. She radiates a desire for additional learning, testing her own talent on wide palette of artistic expression, especially  in the art of painting, with her knowledge and sense about colors.



Reference letter from Opatijska Cerkev Celje


The subject of conservation and restoration intervention that was made by Anja Antolovic in year 2007 was a badly damage baroque wooden statue.

Professional opinion of Mrs.Anica Cevc and literature of Sergej Vriser, who was a great expert of plastic art in Slovenia, confirmed realization, that the author of sculpture was Ferdinand Gallo, the sculptor, who was creating in Štajerska ( Styria ) in 18th century. We are very satisfied with professional conservation and restoration intervention made by Anja Antolovic. We were very pleased by the fact that at restoring she was considering an opinion, which is derived from sculptural safety doctrine; therefore she did not intrude in the authors work. At her work and material used she considered all the procedures for preservation and restoration.


Opat Mr.M. Jezernik





Reference letter from Serbian Orthodox Community of Ljubljana


Orthodox Church Sv. Ciril in Metod in Ljubljana works with Anja Antolovic for several years on technical field, conservation and restoration of sacral valuables of our Church.

She had independently and professionally done a restoration intervention on a wall fresco painting in the altar of the Church, while considering all professional instructions and tehnical procedures. She also independently accomplished a restoration of three icons made in woodcut and gilded.

In 2007 she has also done an extensive and demanding work of restoration of the ''Honorable Thrones'' – the king's chairs with natural pigment color preparation and french-polished them with shelac.

She abundantly and and actively helped with collecting archive documents and materials about Orthodox in Slovenia with collaboration of professor of arhitecture, Mr. Vojislav Matic.

She made a glass model for future ''Parohijski dom'' – part of the Church in Ljubljana by following designes of arhitect Mr. Borut Simic. Shecollaborated in a group, which restored a wooden Iconostas. She has proven herself at icon and wood restoration.

I am adding that she has helped us with writting an agreement between Republic of Slovenia and Serb Orthodox Church, with different notifications in calligraphic writing and with hand made posters.

At her work she has proven herself as conscientious and responsible worker, considering our wishes and heritage doctrine. She is distinguished with a professional knowledge, originality, talent and productivity.


Mr.Protojerej stavrofor Peran Boskovic